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Best SAS Training in Noida

Inovi Technologies situated in different places in noida. We are the best preparing establishment offers accreditation arranged Data Science with Python preparing in noida. Our members will be qualified to clear all kind of meetings at end of our sessions. We are building a group of information science with python coaches and members for their future help and help with subject. Our preparation will be centered around aiding situations too. We have separate HR group experts who will deal with all your meeting needs. Information Science with Python preparing in noida course expenses is extremely moderate contrasted with others. We are the main Data Science with Python preparing foundation who can share video surveys of every one of our understudies. We referenced the course timings and begin date too in underneath.

Best R Programming Institute in Noida

1. Introduction to SAS

  • introduction
  • need for SAS
  • who uses SAS
  • what is SAS
  • overview of base SAS software
  • data management facility
  • structure of SAS dataset
  • SAS program
  • programming language
  • elements of the SAS language
  • rules for SAS statements
  • rules for most SAS names
  • special rules for variable names
  • types of variables
  • data analysis and reporting utilities
  • traditional output
  • ways to run SAS programs
  • SAS windowing environment
  • noninteractive mode
  • batch mode
  • interactive line mode
  • running programs in the SAS windowing environment

2. An introduction to SAS macros

  • introduction
  • SAS macro overview
  • traditional SAS programming
  • the SAS macro language
  • macro language components
  • macro variables
  • macro statements
  • macro processor flow
  • automatic macro variables
  • macro debugging options
  • what is a macro?
  • defining and using macros
  • positional macro parameters
  • keyword macro parameters
  • conditional macro compilation
  • the %do statement
  • SAS data step interfaces

3. How SAS works

  • writing your first SAS program
  • a simple program to read raw data and produce a report
  • enhancing the program
  • more on comment statements
  • internal processing in SAS
  • how SAS works
  • the compilation phase
  • the execution phase
  • processing a data step a walkthrough
  • creating the input buffer and the program data vector
  • writing an observation to the SAS data set
  • four types of SAS libraries
  • SAS libraries
  • work library
  • SAS help library
  • SAS user library

4.Reading raw data into SAS

  • what is raw data
  • definitions
  • data values
  • numeric value
  • character value
  • standard data
  • nonstandard data
  • numeric data
  • character data
  • choosing an input style
  • list input
  • modified list input
  • column input
  • formatted input
  • named input
  • instream data
  • creating multiple records from single input row
  • reading data from external files
  • reading blank separated values (list or free form data)
  • reading raw data separated by commas (.csv files)
  • reading in raw data separated by tabs (.txt files)
  • using informats with list input
  • supplying an informat statement with list input
  • using list input with embedded delimiters
  • reading raw data that are aligned in columns
  • method 1 column input
  • method 2 formatted input
  • using more than one input statement the single trailing @
  • reading column data that is on more than one line
  • mixed-style input
  • infile options for special situations
  • flowover
  • missover
  • truncover
  • pad
  • using lrecl to read very long lines of raw data
  • checking your data after it has been read into SAS

5.SAS informats and formats

  • overview
  • using SAS informats
  • input statement
  • input function
  • inputn and outputc functions
  • attrib and informat statements
  • using SAS formats
  • format statement in procedures
  • put statement
  • put function
  • putn and putc functions
  • bestw. Format
  • additional comments

6.SAS procedures

  • Introduction
  • The anatomy of a proc
  • The proc statement
  • Title and footnote statements
  • By statement
  • Label statement
  • Format statement
  • Run or quit statement
  • Description of data used in reports
  • SAS reporting procedures
  • Procs for all that detail
  • Using proc print
  • Using proc sql
  • Proc report
  • Procs that summarize
  • Using proc chart
  • Using proc freq
  • Using proc means
  • Using proc univariate
  • Introduction to proc tabulate
  • Data manipulation and management procedure
  • Proc sort
  • Proc datasets
  • Proc format
  • Proc contents
  • Other important procs
  • Proc transpose
  • Definitions
  • Proc printto
  • Compare procedure
  • Proc append
  • How to import an excel file into SAS

7.Compilation & Execution

Understanding about Input Buffer , PDV (Backend), realizing what is Missover

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