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Best DevOps Training in Noida

This DevOps Training in Inovi Technologies is the best course to prefer in this lucrative world. Subject knowledge
skills play an important role in each and every aspect. It is best to prefer this training to quick start your career.
It surely increases your career graph.
This DevOps has started with the main to integrate development and operations team to enhance collaboration and productivity. It mainly achieves technical advantages for continuous software delivery. It provides a faster solution, reduces the problem complexity and stable operating system. It shares tools and various techniques that allow faster delivery.
DevOps Course in Noida from the Open Source Technologies will help the aspirants in acquiring a comprehensive knowledge for a better outlook in understanding the in-depth and all the advanced concepts of DevOps.

Best DevOps Training Institute in Noida

 Module01: Introduction of DevOps

1. What Is Cloud Compung?
2. Understand DevOps, its roles and responsibilities
3. DevOps problems and solution
4. Identify cultural impediments and overcome it
6. Understand the infrastructure layouts and its                   challenges
7. Network Concepts at Enterprise Scale  

Module 2: Version Control, GIT

1. Introduction
2. How GIT Works
3. Working Locally with GIT
4. Working Remotely with GIT
5. Branching and Merging
6. Resolve merge Conflict 

Module 3: Jenkins

1. Introduction of Jenkins
2. Install and setup Jenkins
3. Introduction about Maven project
4. Setup Jenkins with Maven Project
5. Continuous Build and Deployment  
6. Build Pipeline View Project
7. Generate Reports & Enable Mail Notification 
8. Jenkins to run script remotely
9. Add Jenkins node/slave
10.Run Jenkins behind Apache proxy

Module 4: Docker 

1. Docker Introduction
2. Docker Installation
3. Major Docker Components
4. Manage Docker Images & container
5. Manage Docker images from Docker file
6. Docker Volume
7. Docker Networking
8. Docker Swarm (Cluster Management) 

Module 5: Ansible

Introduction about Automation
Ansible architecture
Ansible Modules
Manage tasks by Add-hoc method
How to write Playbooks
Variables and Facts in Playbook
Condition & Loop and Notify & handler in playbook
Manage Templates file And Roles Structure
Vault Encryption in Ansible
Ansible Integration with Aws Cloud
Ansible Tower Management 

Module 6: Puppet

1. Introduction Puppet architecture
2. Installation Puppet Server and agent
3. Puppet DSL
4. Creating Manifests file
5. Variable and Factor and Condition
6. in Manifests
7. Puppet Template File
8. Puppet Modules  

Module 7: Monitoring with Nagios 

1. Nagios Overview
2. Understand Nagios Architecture
3. Install and Setup Nagios on Linux
4. Install and setup NRPE client
5. Setup monitoring
6. Enable email alert

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