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RPA Certification Training

Inovi Technologies is the best RPA training institute in Noida. Get enrolled in this course today. Learn how to RPA has replaced the data entry and rekeying jobs. By the end of this course you will understand how to utilize the advancement of robotics process. The development in the field of RPA is certain shot and in this way will give higher innovative possibilities towards data accuracy. So grab this opportunity and get enrolled for RPA training in Inovi Technologies noida.
Robots are automation software that uses applications the same way that people using them, only without the ability to take subjective actions. With judgment calls and unexpected situations to humans, robots go through their assigned work Step by step which can be predefined and can handle as many work as you want to configure. This re-allocation of the work between humans and robots makes the jobs more interesting and rewarding for your people. Although robots could handle end-to-end processes, it’s more common for them to perform tasks within a process.

Robotics Process Automation Training In Inovi

1 Automation Anywhere Training Overview     
   1.1 What are the Course Objectives?
   1.2 Who should go for this course?
   1.3 Pre-requisites
   1.4 Duration of the Course?

2 Automation Anywhere Course Content
   2.1 Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Automation Anywhere (AA)
   2.2 Task Editor
   2.3 Automation Anywhere Commands
   2.3.1 Keystrokes / Mouse
   2.3.2 Programs / Files / Windows
   2.3.3 Conditions / Loops
   2.3.4 Pause / Delays / Wait
   2.3.5 Internet
   2.3.6 Tasks / Scripts
   2.3.7 Applications
   2.3.8 Interactive
   2.3.9 Miscellaneous
   2.3.10 System
   2.3.11 Advanced
   2.3.12 Integration
   2.3.13 Security
   2.4 Automation Anywhere Advanced Features
   2.5 Automation Anywhere Control Room
   2.6 Hands on Use cases
   2.6.1 Use Case 1
   2.6.2 Use Case 2
   2.6.3 Use Case 3
   2.6.4 Use Case 4
   2.6.5 Use Case 5 

1 Blue Prism Training Overview
   1.1 Blue Prism Training Objectives
   1.2 Pre-requisites of the Course
   1.3 Who should do the course?
   1.4 Blue Prism Course Content
   1.5 Process Studio
   1.6 Process Flow
   1.7 Inputs and Outputs
   1.8 Business Objects
   1.9 Object Studio
   1.10 Overview of Error and Case Management
   1.10.1 Error Management
   1.10.2 Case Management
   1.11 Additional Features
   1.12 Consolidation Exercise
   1.13 Advanced Features
   1.14 Further Application Types
   1.15 Exercises of Sending a mail/updating Facebook status/sending a text using web                  portal
   1.16 Hands-on with Real-Time Scenarios
   1.17 Certification/Job Oriented Training

 Blue Prism Training Overview

   Blue Prism is one of the tools of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can fetch        high for the organization with less effort. The Blue Prism technology can be used by          both IT and business industry people with various kind of application user interfaces.        NareshIT makes the aspirant to learn all the concepts from basic level to the advanced      level of Blue Prism Technology.

1.UiPath Training Overview
   1.1 Objectives of the Course
   1.2 Pre-requisites
   1.3 Who should do the course?
   1.4 UiPath Course Duration
2.UiPath Course Content
    2.1 RPA Overview
UiPath Training Overview

    Uipath is one of the best Robotic Process Automation tools which is a complete                   software solution which helps to automates an organization by reducing human stress     and saving time. Uipath Training makes an aspirant to work very quick with easy                   process by using diagrams and flowcharts in the Uipath studio.

Objectives of the Course
   To create the automated projects in Uipath studio
   To create a workflow by using flowcharts and diagrams
   To gain the practical knowledge of Uipath studio

   Basic knowledge of .NET Programming is enough to learn Uipath

1 OpenSpan Training Overview
   1.1 Objectives of Course
   1.2 Pre-requisites
   1.3 Who should do the course?
2 Open Span Course Content
   2.6.1 share training and course content with friends and students:
OpenSpan Training Overview

   OpenSpan is one amongest the tools used in the process of Robotic Process                        Automation to improve the user performance by automating, simplifying and                        integrating the OpenSpan technology.

Objectives of Course
    Able to gain knowledge regarding to the management of automation campaigns
   To build and modify automation techniques in the OpenSpan
   To grasp knowledge regarding the practical concepts of OpenSpan

Basic knowledge over .NET Programming is enough.

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